Pawn your GOLD AND SILVER items

Are you interested in Pawning YOUR GOLD AND SILVER in Florida?

Established in 2010 by Mitchell Kaminsky, Florida Pawn can offer you more cash for your gold and silver, as well as other items with considerable value, than any other pawn shop in the Hollywood and Margate area! Unlike other online buy and sell platforms, items that you bring to us will be bought with QUICK CASH ON THE SPOT! It’s a fast, easy and convenient way of selling your gold and silver items!

  • We offer our customers very competitive rates for their valuable items.
  • We are very proud of our highly experienced, welcoming and accommodating staff.
  • Satisfaction is always a guarantee!
  • Get to know your payout even before your item is tested and appraised!

There are many perks when you visit us, the highest paying pawn shop in Florida. If you want to pawn your gold or silver, you can get quick cash loans here at Florida Pawn. 

  • We can release cash in an instant. The great thing about getting loans from us is the processing speed. If you go to the bank, it could take days or even weeks to get processed and approved. With pawn shops, it’ll only take less than a day to get in and go out with cash in your pocket. To make this possible, you need to offer an item that will serve as collateral for your loan. In this case, your gold and silver will serve as the item for security. Just bring it in our shop and exchange it for cash but you need to remember that you will only get a fraction of the value of your gold and silver, not its full value. As soon as you agree to a favorable cash value, the pawnbroker will take your item and give you cash on the spot. Gone are the days when you need to wait for weeks to get approved for a loan. With pawn shops, everything is quicker and easier.
  • We have a no credit check policy. This is also another reason why many people turn to us. It doesn’t matter if your credit score is negative or positive. In fact, we don’t even ask you about it. The item that you are willing to put on collateral with us is enough to secure you with quick cash. This means a major requirement to qualify for quick cash of possessing an item with perceived value. Valuable items don’t have to be worth thousands or millions. We usually deal with loans that are less than a thousand dollars, so your gold and silver are fine items for collateral. 
  • Visiting us won’t affect your credit rating. Since we don’t do credit checks, our services will not affect your credit ratings. When it comes to banks, late payments will reflect on your credit performance and a bad credit rating will affect your ability to borrow money in the future. This isn’t the case with pawn shops. If you just need a bit of funding to clear away bad credit scores, you can count on us for fast cash. If you need more cash, you can bring more items to serve as collateral and get multiple pawn loans in return. You can even bring as many items as you want!
  • Your item will go on sale as a consequence. If you get a loan in a bank and you fail to pay, you are likely not able to get another loan from other banks. That’s how bad credit ratings affect you. That is why a lot of people come to us. If you fail to pay us, the only consequence that will happen is we will presume the ownership of your gold and silver. From there, we will sell it to cover the amount that we have loaned to you.
  • It’s hassle-free. With pawn shops, there’s no need to be interrogated or sign numerous bits of paperwork to get quick cash. You just need to sign a loan agreement contract and that is it. The agreement will indicate the date when the pawn shop will presume ownership of your gold or silver, in case you fail to pay the loan that was given to you.
  • Your items are safe with us. We will store your gold and silver in a safe place and ensure their value is maintained throughout the loan term. 
  • You just need to pay the interest during the loan term. Most pawn shops charge monthly interest rates. If you are capable of paying back all the money we loaned you within the first month, this means you pay the first month’s interest only. The longer your gold or silver stays with us, the more interest it will accrue. Your loan payment is usually restricted with the duration as agreed with us. This will allow us to know how to determine when it is time to sell your collateral. 

pawn gold and silver in Florida


Here at Florida Pawn, we buy a wide range of valuable items that are not limited to jewelry and electronics. We also buy precious metals such as gold and silver, diamonds, power tools, sports memorabilia, handbags, musical instruments, watches and so much more! If you have an item and you are unsure if you can get cash out of it, give us a call and our experts will determine its value for you!


High-end watches are still very popular! Here at Florida Pawn, get paid with top dollars for your valuable timepieces such as Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Michele, Breitling and so much more! We also buy gold and silver timepieces at wonderful prices!

Highest Rates Paid

In order to give you the best possible offer for your item, Florida Pawn checks the market prices on a daily basis so you can get the MOST CASH for your gold or silver. Having second thoughts about where to sell your precious metals is now a thing of the past. Just come to Florida Pawn and we’ll give you the best offer in town!

2 Convenient Locations

Visit one of our convenient Florida Pawn locations in 1944 Hollywood Blvd (Hollywood Location) and 1303 N State Road #7 (Margate Location) in Florida. 

Experienced Staff

With more than a decade of pawn shop experience, Florida Pawn is proud to offer world-class and reliable service that you can always rely on—not to mention the HIGHEST RATES PAID in Florida! Discover why we are the preferred place to buy and sell gold and silver items!