What you need to know about getting a deal at a pawn shop

What you need to know about getting a deal at a pawn shop

We all want a good deal on what we are buying and many people have found that pawn shops offer a better deal than mainstream retail shops. Pawn shops traditionally offer better prices than other retailers as they sell good quality second-hand goods at competitive prices, especially here at Florida Pawn. There are also some great treasures to be found as they sell unique and discontinued products that can’t be found elsewhere.

Do your homework

Regardless of the item you are seeking, if you know what you want you should do your research on the item first. Understanding the product and what to look for in it as well as its value is important, so you know whether you are getting a good deal.

Pawn shops like ours also have an online shop so you can have a look at their online store to see what the prices are like.

All this information allows you to be knowledgeable and be in a position to negotiate.

Understand how to negotiate

Often people don’t feel comfortable negotiating price and although most pawn shops sell their goods at competitive low prices so they can sell them quickly, there can be room to negotiate.

To negotiate successfully you need to do your homework on the price and functionality. The other important factor is to inspect the piece thoroughly for any imperfections or damage that could affect its value. All this information can be used to assess what you what to pay and what is a fair price. This is similar to what a pawn shop does when purchasing goods.

You need to be realistic with your offer so that it is respected and starts the negotiation. You should also have a figure in mind of the maximum you are willing to pay and be prepared to walk away if necessary.

It can also be a good negotiating factor to have cash to purchase the item as it removes any transaction costs to the pawn shop and gives them cash in the register to buy more items.

Which pawn shop to choose

Finding the right pawn shop is another factor as you want to be confident that you are dealing with a trustworthy and reputable business. Doing your research on this can help and reviewing customer feedback is a great way to do this. Customer reviews allow you to see what the customer service is like, how they handle issues and their overall rating.

Florida Pawn has a strong reputation for its two stores in Hollywood and Margate which provide great customer service which is why we are recommended by our customers.

Visit our stores in Hollywood or Margate, or check out our online store to see what deals we have.