Sell my electronics

Sell my electronics

Modern lifestyles now require the use of electronics in everyday life and that is why a lot of people now invest in them. When it’s time to replace them, what can you do with your old ones if they are still in good working order? Most of the time, they are stored in drawers and allowed to gather dust over time. 

Did you know that your old electronics still hold a considerable amount of value? You can even give them a new lease of life by allowing them to be reused by other people. How can you do this? Simply sell them and get yourself some money back in return! For instance, if you want to purchase the latest Sony Playstation or iPhone, you can raise funds by selling your old model to a pawnshop and putting the money you got out of it towards your new device. 

A lot of people don’t like to sell their electronics because they think the only way they can do it is by selling them privately. This can bring a lot of hassle. If you prefer a hassle-free way to sell your electronics, bring your item to Florida Pawn and allow our pawnbrokers to appraise it and sell it for you. We actually pay the most for your items and we can offer you a great deal too. This makes us a great option if you are looking forward to getting quick cash out of your electronic goods. 

What electronic goods do we accept?

Florida Pawn accepts a wide range of electronics such as laptops, game consoles, televisions, stereos, tablets and smartphones. If you have an item that is not listed here, get in touch with us on 954-353-7296 (Hollywood Store) or 754-999-5626 (Margate Store). Just make sure your items are in good working condition as we do not accept items that are faulty, defective or broken.

What do we look for in the item?

When you bring your electronic goods to us, we will determine their resale value by checking numerous benchmarks such as quality, condition and age. Why? The age of your item is actually a big factor that influences its desirability. Even the brand and features play a major part too. Electronic goods such as iPhones have features that are desirable which is why these items hold a lot of value. 

The condition of your electronic items is also a great factor in determining their value. In order to be of good value, it needs to be in good working condition and it should function properly upon inspection. Its physical appearance and safety will also be checked. A lot of electronic goods such as tablets and smartphones can suffer from scratches, bumps or general wear and tear and these will usually lower their value.

We love it when customers pawn their electronic goods with us. You should be aware that whilst some items can fetch a good price while others may not. To give you an idea of how we determine the value of your electronic goods, here are some benchmarks that will help you get the most cash out of your valuable items.

  • Your electronics must be visually appealing. Our pawnbrokers have been working in this industry for many years and they have seen quite a number of valuable items pass through their discerning hands. Due to this experience, they know if your items are hidden treasures or junk. If you bring in a valuable item in questionable condition, the pawnbroker will obviously lower the offer because they need to repair it before reselling it. So, if you are looking to get the most cash out of your electronics, you have to make sure it is clean, make it presentable and make sure it is functioning well. 
  • Your electronics must be working properly. You must make sure your electronic device is in good working order, if it is battery powered make sure that it has batteries so that we can see it in its full working condition or recharge the item to make sure it has life in it. When you arrive in our pawnshop, feel free to show your item to our pawnbrokers. Demonstrate its features and how it works so that you can get the highest offer from us. 
  • Your electronics must come in a complete package (if possible). If you want to get the best offer from us, you should bring your electronic goods along with the components they came with when you purchased them, such as any wires or charges. This means bringing along the box, receipt, warranty card, instruction manual, cables and remote control. If you will bring the complete package, you are more likely to get a higher offer from our pawnbrokers as compared to bringing the device only by itself. The components can actually inflate the perceived value of your electronics and that is why it is advantageous on your part to bring them all. 
  • Your electronics must be marketable. You should remember that we are in the business of buying and selling items with perceived value. Before we accept any electronic item, we need to make sure that it works properly and it looks good so we can sell it on to our customers. When you visit Florida Pawn, please allow our pawnbrokers time to take a closer look at your item so that they can appraise it properly and offer you a fair price.

As we have mentioned earlier, the value of your electronics will depend on a lot of factors such as their age, quality and brand. However, the main factor that will determine its value is its working condition. To determine the value of your electronics, our pawnbrokers will inspect your device, determine how well it is working, check if it is safe to use and look for any signs of wear and tear such as scratches, bumps and tears. If your electronics come to us in a great condition, you will likely get a great offer from our pawnbrokers.

To reiterate, the brand, age, appearance and working condition of your electronics will heavily influence its resale value because these benchmarks will impact its desirability to both our loyal and potential new customers.

If you are interested in getting the most cash out of your electronics, prepare your items and make sure they are in the best shape possible. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Electronics are only desirable if they look good and they are working well at the same time. Likewise, our pawnbrokers will be inspecting your items thoroughly so they can make a fair and reasonable offer to you.  

The appearance of your device must be appealing if not at its best because this is a big factor that will determine its value. This is also the factor that will attract our customers to buy it. So, make sure your electronic device is clean and visually appealing.

If there are scratches or cracks on it, try to ask a professional to buff it out but if you really need fast cash, you need to keep in mind that this condition will seriously affect the offer that will be given to you. 

As we have mentioned earlier, we love items that come in their complete package so don’t forget to bring your items along with their box, controllers, cord, manuals and receipt if possible. 

If possible, bring your electronics free of personal data or files. If not, we can erase them all for you so that they are ready for the next user. However, we will offer a higher price for electronics that are brought back to their factory settings and unlocked. 

So, if you are ready to pawn or sell your electronics, do not forget to bring your identification as this will be used to determine whether your item is stolen or not. We do not accept stolen items Showing your identification is a protective measure for you as a seller and us as a business. 

As soon as you show us your items, feel free to negotiate the asking price. Our pawnbrokers are highly skilled, experienced and up to date with the market trends so they know what items are popular and selling like hotcakes. It is actually to your advantage to negotiate for the best price.

Why sell your electronics to us?

Why should you consider selling your electronics to Florida Pawn

  • Our process is simple and hassle-free.
  • You do not need to advertise your item to sell it or deal with buyers that will only waste your time.
  • Our process is safer compared to meeting buyers personally or relying on postal services to ship your items.
  • We offer a fair price for your valuable items.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • We will help you find out the value of your item.
  • We will make sure that your item will be returned to factory settings and no personal information will remain by the time we sell it to our customers.
  • Our Hollywood and Margate stores are open 6 days a week and until 7 in the evening on weekdays.