Pawnshops helping Florida pay their bills

Pawnshops helping Florida pay their bills

Times are tough at the moment with rising costs, and here at Florida Pawn, we are seeing first-hand the effect this is having. When cash gets tight pawnshops like ours are often one of the first places many people turn to for help in getting cash.

So, what is happening?

Inflation is playing havoc with our economy as it reaches the highest levels for 40 years as a result of prices rising. This impacts all of us as prices are going up on almost everything including those essentials that we all need. As result, many of us are finding it hard to pay our bills and are looking at ways to cut our spending or make some extra cash.

To put it into some context, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that gas has risen 20% and food has increased 91.4%! It has been estimated by Moody Analytics that we could be spending an additional $445 each month which is a lot to make your income stretch to accommodate this increase.

How to raise more cash

When you need to raise cash to pay your bills and there are no savings left to make in your monthly outgoings, pawnshops are often the first port of call. At a pawnshop, you can sell items or use them as collateral in a loan.

Pawn brokers like ours accept a broad range of items for sale or as loan collateral including jewelry, watches, designer goods, clothing and accessories, electronics, power tools, motorcycles, cars and boats. We can’t list them all so it is worth asking if you aren’t sure.

So, if you want to raise some cash it’s time to look in your attic, garage and wardrobes to see what you have that you no longer need or are happy to part with for a while to release some cash. We will all have something that we can use to raise money.

Is a pawnshop loan a good option?

Loans from pawnshops can be a good option for many reasons. Pawnshop loans are available to most people as they don’t require you to have a good credit rating and your rating won’t be checked or impacted. You don’t need any guarantees or other collateral for the loan other than the item you are using.

Pawnshop loans are also a very quick and simple way to get a loan. The process is very straightforward, and most people can walk out with a loan on their first visit to our one of stores.

Visit us and see what you can raise

We have been helping people in Florida to raise cash from their belongings since 2010. We are a trusted pawnbroker that offers fair and competitive prices. Our stores in Hollywood and Margate are open 6 days a week to help you and will welcome you through the doors, so find those little used items and see what we can offer you.