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Pawn Electronics

Where to Pawn Electronics

We all need to access a bit of cash now and then and a pawn shop loan can be one of the simplest and quickest ways to get cash. Using an item of value such as electronic goods as collateral for a loan couldn’t be easier.

Why pawn electronics?

Electronic goods are a great pawn item as they are a valuable item that can be used as collateral in a loan. We all tend to have electronic goods and not all of these devices are used all the time so you might be able to spare one for the term of the loan. Electronic goods are also relatively easy to value and can be proven to work quickly.

What electronic goods can I pawn?

We accept a wide range of electronic goods as collateral for our pawn loans. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, stereos, TVs and more, contact us to discuss other items.

For your item to be used as collateral it will need to be in a good working condition and hold a reasonable value. We will appraise the item before we make an offer on it and the offer will be based on its condition and market value. The market value for items can vary for electronics as demand and trends play a big factor in the value as well as the age and condition.

How does a pawn shop loan work?

Pawn shop loans are one of the most straightforward and quickest loans as we don’t do any checks on you and don’t require any guarantees. We just need you to visit a store with the item and complete some simple forms.

We will appraise the item that you want to use as collateral and offer a fair and competitive loan. We will explain the loan to you including the amounts and length of the loan, and then give you time to think about it. If you decide to go ahead with the loan, we will keep your electronic goods and store them securely until you return for them.

You can repay your loan in full at any time without any additional charges. If you are unable to repay the loan in full, you should contact us to discuss it as we may be able to extend the loan period.

Why choose Florida Pawn?

There are many reasons to choose to pawn electronics to us at Florida Pawn. We offer competitive prices for our loans, we provide excellent customer service, and our loans are simple and quick.

Florida Pawn has been providing pawnbroking services in Florida for over 10 years and we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible and providing loans that help our communities.

We have two stores located in Hollywood and Margate that are open six days a week. Come and see us at one of our stores and see what we can offer you.