How to raise $500 from pawning items

How to raise $500 from pawning items

 We all need to raise some quick cash now and then and one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a loan is a pawn shop loan. With the choice of pawning or selling your items at a pawn shop, you have two great ways to raise money.

But what items can you sell and what will help you to raise $500? Pawn shops handle such a wide range of items but here are our top 10 items that could help you raise $500:

  1. Jewelry is one of the most popular pawn items as they are small and easy to sell. Popular items include watches, rings and necklaces but most jewelry is suitable if it's in good condition. Some items that can raise more cash are gold, diamonds, desirable brands and limited edition pieces.
  2. Electronic items such as game consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs can also be great items but may not raise as much money as you might think, so you may need a second item to reach $500. Some electronic items that are highly desirable and in demand can have a better value like current games consoles and smartphones.
  3. Popular collectible items can raise surprising amounts of money if you have rare items in good condition. Many childhood toys or collectible items have become popular such as comics, rare sports or character cards, toys, board games and vinyl records.
  4. Antiques are good items to pawn too especially smaller items like coins, china, porcelain and figurines.
  5. Pieces of art can also be suitable for pawning if they are pieces by known artists.
  6. Designer handbags are well sought-after status items and therefore hold their value so these make good pawn items.
  7. Some footwear can also be suitable for pawning if they are sought-after designs or designer brands such as some limited edition Air Jordans, Nikes or Adidas, or shoes by Louboutin, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik.
  8. Some pawn shops may also offer services that include automobiles like motorcycles or some cars.
  9. You may also be able to use a boat as collateral at some pawn shops.
  10. Firearms can also be used as pawn items if they have been purchased legitimately by the owner and are in good working condition.

Pawning your items is easy

If you have never pawned anything before you might not know how easy it can be. You will need to bring the collateral items into the pawn shop for an appraisal and then a loan offer will be given. If you choose to go ahead with the loan, the item/s will be securely stored by the pawn shop during the loan term. When you repay the loan, you will get your collateral items back.

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