Best place to sell gold Florida

Best place to sell gold Florida

Are you looking to sell gold Florida? Then you have found one of the best places in Florida to sell gold to as we offer some of the best rates for gold in the area.

Gold traditionally is a commonly used item to pawn as gold holds its value well and it continues to be a highly desired item that people are wanting to buy either new or second hand. That’s why many people turn to us when they need to access cash quickly as we offer a fast and efficient service to buy or use your items as loan collateral.

How much can your gold pieces be worth?

The value of gold pieces of jewelry can vary widely depending on a number of factors which includes its condition, what is made from and the desirability of the item.

The desirability of the item will depend on current trends and how in-demand pieces like it are and this will be determined by fashion trends and the current market value of gold. These factors not only influence its value but its resale ability.

The condition of the piece is an important factor as pieces that show wear and tear, or damage will either need repairing or will have a lower value. This includes misshaped pieces, discoloration, metal erosion, scratches and dulling of the stones or gems.

What the piece is made from will also impact the price depending on whether it is solid or plated gold, the level of carat and if it includes any stones or gems that can increase its value.

What gold items do we buy?

We buy or use many gold pieces as loan collateral, and we are interested in a variety of types including solid gold, plated gold and different colour golds such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. We will consider the following jewelry types:

  • Rings – wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings and many other types
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Cuff links

What happens when we appraise an item?

When you sell gold to us we will first give it a thorough appraisal to assess its full worth. We are experts at appraising jewelry and gold pieces and we will give you an honest and fair appraisal. We will be looking for:

  • Hallmarks are a key indicator to look for as this tell us about the metal composition and who made it in some cases. Hallmarks should be present on all gold jewelry made in the last decade but in some rare cases, the hallmark may have worn and be unreadable.
  • The condition of the piece will be checked, and we will be looking for any damage or wear and tear that will impact the value.
  • Any signs of discoloration that indicate that the piece is gold plated as solid gold shouldn’t discolor. Gold plated items can wear and discolor when they need re-plating.
  • The inclusion of any stones or gems and what these are made of.