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Loan Policies

Loan Policies

Florida Pawn & Jewelry offers fast, friendly, and confidential pawn loans and cash advances to meet your short-term cash needs!

Loan Policy:

“There are no financial implications of non-payment of any loan. There is no impact to a client’s credit score for late or non-payment. If no payments are made, the loan simply defaults and the collateral is sold. Collection practices include phone call or text message to remind client payment is due. Loans are renewed when a payment is made. There are no additional penalties or fees when renewing a loan. No loans are under 61 days. The loan is not required to be paid on, or repaid within 61 days. Early prepayment options are available without any additional fee or cost. The minimum repayment period is 60 days, the maximum is 10 years. The APR does not exceed 35.99%. An example of loan; client borrows $1000, repays $1090 within 90 days. The loan is fulfilled.”


  • 2.99% Interest loans are only valid for first time customers and cannot be applied to or modified for any existing lines of credit issued by Florida Pawn.

While your item is in our possession, the sale, use or display is prohibited. Your item(s) are safely secured and stored in our warehouse or vault, and will only be sold should you choose not to re-pay your loan.

Loan Procedures:

  • Bring in an item (jewelry, gold, iPad, etc.) that will be reviewed by one of our members.
  • You will need to present a state or federal I.D. (drivers license or other I.D.)
  • Agree upon a loan value with the pawnbroker.
  • Sign your loan contract.
  • Receive your cash!
  • Your item is safely stored for the agreed number of days.
  • After the number of days is up, you can pick up your item by paying back the principal sum and the interest agreed upon at the beginning.

Alternatively, you can simply sell your item to us for cash! Stop by our Florida Pawn Shops today to see our great prices and quality merchandise.